Who are we

Charles (Chuck) Plishka

USA – Chair of the INPA Vestibular Special Interest Group

Physical Therapy Clinical Specialist, DPT and NCS- with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. He is also the owner of Posture and Balance Concepts, LCC (continuing education) Chuck is primarily an acute care clinician. He teaches continuing education courses in neurology-related physical therapy topics, including vestibular therapy, Parkinson’s disease and concussion.

Daniel Verdecchia

Argentina – Vice Chair of the INPA Vestibular Special Interest Group

B.Sc. M.Sc (c), Currently works at the Department of Health Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de la Matanza. He is Associate Professor of Kinesiology. Daniel research focuses on Geriatrics, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. He is Director of the Argentinian Vestibular Physiotherapy School.  Vice President of Vestibular Rehabilitation Special Interest Group – Argentine Kinesiology Association and member of the Bárány Society.

José Ignacio Ortega Solís​

France – Secretary of the INPA Vestibular Special Interest Group

Earned his Degree in Physiotherapy from European University in Madrid, Spain. He currently works in Lyon in private practice and in Hospices Civils de Lyon Hospital. He teaches vestibular rehabilitation in entry-level and post-graduate education – Claude Bernard University Lyon1. Jose’s research focuses on pediatric vestibular rehabilitation. He is involved with the French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy (SFKV).

Rebecca Smith

United Kingdom – Member at large of the INPA Vestibular Special Interest Group

Vestibular physiotherapist working at Imperial College London, UK. She completed her training at Birmingham University (UK) and has worked in neuro physiotherapy and vestibular rehabilitation since graduating in 2010. She has completed a Masters in Research and is currently completing a PhD exploring Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) in acute traumatic brain injury patients. She is involved with the UK vestibular physiotherapy special interest group (ACPIVR) and is passionate about encouraging other allied health professionals into research.

André Santos

Brazil – Member at large of the INPA Vestibular Special Interest Group

Andre Santos graduated in Physiotherapy in the city of Rio de Janeiro and completed his PhD (DSc) at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Professor of the postgraduate course in Vestibular Rehabilitation at the Israeli Institute of Teaching and Research at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, São Paulo, Brazil. He is a founding partner of the Brazilian Association of Neurofunctional Physiotherapy [ABRAFIN]. Member of the the Bárány Society. Director of the Brazilian Institute of Vestibular Physiotherapy and Balance (IBRAFIVE).

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