Working groups

INPA has a number of Working Groups, each with a lead person and with stated objectives and outputs. The Working Groups are appointed by and report to the Executive Committee.

Research Working Group – Lead: Mindy Levin

Aim: To connect, support and promote research communities in neurologic physical therapy

  1. Promote research by participation in the scientific program development for World Physiotherapy Congress.
  • The WPT Promotion subgroup is led by Mindy Levin
  • The Research Working Group will support Neurosciences networking at the World Physiotherapy Congress in June 2023 and, if possible,  conduct a tour of posters.
  • The working group reviewed neuroscience abstracts for World Physiotherapy Congress 2023.
  • The working group collaborated with representatives from WPT Congress INPA for awarding prizes for neuroscience best posters and best platform presentation for WPT Congress 2023.
  1. Disseminate good quality research findings with the INPA membership. The Dissemination subgroup is led by Michal Kafri.
  1. Identify and disseminate relevant research through our partner journal, The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT).  The JNPT Liaison subgroup is led by Mindy Levin. The task of this subgroup is to submit and publish abstracts from WPT meetings in the journal. Abstracts from World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 were published in the JNPT January 2023 issue.
  1. Develop and implement a process to invite and select suitably qualified people to respond to research and research capacity building requests, on a project-by-project basis. The Capacity Building subgroup is led by Margit Alt Murphy. The group has developed a process flow chart that identifies the sequential steps and decision-making processes for action against this goal. The Mentor-Collaboration subgroup is led by Nicola Hancock. A workplan has been developed that identifies two key areas of collaboration and support for clinicians involved in research and for early career physiotherapy researchers.
Sofia Lampropoulou
Sotiria Vrouva
Margit Alt Murphy
Nicola Hancock
Adine Adonis
Blessing Adewumi
Pradeep Rapalli
Michal Kafri
Jill Stewart
Shailesh Kantak
Sujata D. Pradhan
Yvonne Learmouth
Sylvie Nadeau

Education Working Group – Lead: Sibele de Andrade Melo Knaut


  • Oversee the INPA booth at the WP Congress in Dubai.
  • Preparing the last details for our meeting at the WP Congress.
  • Providing a supporting role for the INPA conference in 2023.
  • Develop ad infrastructure to coordinate and lead production of the annual INPA conference from 2023 onwards.
  • Organised the global webinar series on December 6th with a brilliant talk by Janice Eng moderated by Edelle Field-Fote.
  • Organised the INPA presence at the WP Congress and the INPA networking meeting.
Sibele de Andrade Melo Knaut (Chair)
Brian Moore
Hadas Ofek
Olubukola Olaleye
Govinda Nepal
Clayton Correa

Practice Working Group – Lead: Melissa McConaghy


  • Build, populate and launch INPA membership site on the website to house SIG groups, discussions and ongoing sharing of resources, events and networking.
  • Create policies for moderation of groups and discussion boards, community guidelines and individual membership onboarding process.
  • Create strategy for creating and sustaining momentum within membership site.
  • Create sustainable links with member organizations and other organizations willing to contribute and share high quality (free or low cost) education resources that support practice. This would start with APA (Australia), ACPIN (UK), ANPT (US).
  • Develop role description and project to coordinate translation of education documents into other languages.
  • Coordinate webinar content for global INPA webinar on Stroke (March 2023).
Elizabeth Clark
James McLoughlin
Mary Beth Osborne
Harold Osei
Luisa Holt
Simone Dorsch
Laura Mesches
Claire McFeeters

Communications Working Group – Director of Communications: Thameenah Solomon


  • INPA to be a hub for neurologic physical therapy knowledge and resource sharing with interested communities.
  • Regularly communicate with members using effective strategies informed by the membership.
  • Provide effective communication between all members of the executive committee.
  • Create and implement an effective website.
  • Develop and implement a social media plan to disseminate information and facilitate communication with members and other relevant organizations.
  • Create INPA branding, house style and communication guidelines to ensure consistency across products.
Member  Role 
Thameenah Solomon Director of Communications INPA, Chair of the Communications Working Group
Sheetal Thayil Secretary of the CWG, Twitter Co-ordinator, Design and Promotions
Kanika Bansal Webmaster; content editor, analytics, YouTube Master, JNPT promotions
Olumide Dada Associate Webmaster – content editor
Daniel Adepoju Adejobi Facebook coordinator and analytics
Felipe Fernandes Lemos Instagram Coordinator and analytics


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