Mission, vision and goals


INPA is a community of member organisations and through them connects neuro physiotherapists globally.

By 2026, INPA will:

  • Develop our website to create a platform supporting interactions
  • Build our social media presence and engagement
  • Host networking events for our community to connect on education, research and practice matters
  • Support and facilitate the education efforts of our member organisations
  • Establish at least one more special interest group
  • Raise the profile of our member organisations and amplify their activities

Advancing neuro physiotherapy

INPA is an organisation that facilitates the generation of knowledge through research and scholarly activity, and supports knowledge translation to practice.

By 2026, INPA will:

  • Develop our partnership approach building collaborations to facilitate research and disseminate research outcomes
  • Expand our online education offerings
  • Use opportunities with World Physiotherapy and our activities to progress neuro physiotherapy
  • Collate and share existing resources from reliable sources, including our member organisations, to support knowledge translation
  • Deliver an INPA international conference


INPA is a growing organisation that needs to ensure it is sustainable for the future, and for this we need depth and breadth in our leadership, with future leaders keen to serve.

By 2026, INPA will:

  • Develop a programme to identify and develop leaders
  • Review and refresh the use of working groups aligned to the strategic plan
  • Diversify our income sources to manage risks and establish a sustainable administrative infrastructure
  • Evaluate options for incorporation and plan accordingly
  • Increase membership and engagement in under-represented areas

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