INPA’s purpose is to connect neurological physiotherapists  globally, and to advance practice, education and research in neurological physiotherapy. We aim to maximize activity, participation, health and wellbeing for people living with neurological conditions.

Membership categories

We have three membership categories, depending on the circumstances of the prospective members. Our membership categories are aimed at including all physiotherapists from across the world with an interest in neurological physiotherapy.

1. Member Organisations

The primary membership category – Member Organisation – applies to neurological physiotherapy organisations in countries that are members of World Physiotherapy. Only one INPA Member Organisation is allowed per country.  The application for to become a Member Organisation of INPA must include a letter of support from  the World Physiotherapy Member Organisation for your country/territory.

2. Associate Members

Associate Members can either be individual physiotherapists with an interest in neurological physiotherapy who are members of a World Physiotherapy Member Organisation that does not have a neurological physiotherapy interest group, or a grouping like a Special Interest group in a specific area of neurological physiotherapy  where any existing national neurological physiotherapy group is not already an INPA member .

3. Interested Organisations

Groups of physiotherapists with an interest in neurological physiotherapy, in a country that is not a member of World Physiotherapy, can apply to become a recognized Interested Organisation of INPA. This membership route provides a way of being part of the global neurological physiotherapy family for physiotherapists outside the World Physiotherapy group.

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